Unlike a Science Lab, the Tinkering Lab is not meant for achieving specific goals. Therefore, the content is quite dynamic. The amazing thing about a Tinkering Lab is that it can be set up at any kind of educational institution or activity centre. For Example:

  • Preschools
  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges (Arts, Science, Engineering, etc.)
  • Hobby Centres
  • Science Parks
  • Science Museums
  • Tuition centres

This list is just indicative. Apart from providing activities for students, programs can be conducted for parents and trainers.

Following is a brief about what to expect from a Tinkering Lab Setup.

The Initial Setup

The first stage of the setup is about having the right kind of work space and storage space. We need a lot of storage space in a way that will help us organise all the material.


Cabinets: For books. For structural material and components.

Drawers: For the wide variety of electrical components, hardware components, binding material (tapes and glues)

Racks: For paper and plastic sheets. For gadgets and display of projects.


This is an optional expense, but adds a lot of value to the child’s learning. If it doesn’t fit the budget, it can be skipped or minimized. This includes:

Interactive Wall Murals: Such murals provide hours of fun to children while developing their logical and problem-solving skills.

Wall Panels: These panels may be informative or interactive.

Hanging Exhibits: Models, light effects, illusions and many more interesting things can be hung from the wall.

Light and Electricity Activities: Children and play with these and see how bulbs glow on connecting wires.

Mechanical Activities: Simple machines, like levers, pulleys, and gears keep children amused.

For senior students more tools and gadgets are needed than activities and panels.

Work Areas

Tables: Large tables with ample space for many students to work together.

Carpets: This is an alternative to large tables, as it is cost effective.

Workstations: The workstations are theme based, for a set of activities or experimentation.

The Material

We’ll be listing the categories of material here shortly. Keep a watch on our blog for material and activities your can do at your home or school. Write us for queries, ideas or suggestions at ideas@tinkeringlab.in.

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