Tinkering Lab

Tinkering Lab Launching Soon

Tinkering is in the DNA of our team. I have been tinkering all my life and now have finally settled to create opportunities for kids to tinker. I am hoping we’ll be supported by schools with the same spirit. Being a not-so-very-well-know concept in India will pose some initial challenges, but we’ll be tinkering our way through, finding ways to get support from global veterans and local champions.

We have been conducting various science related activities in and around Pune for the past four years, including robotics and science shows. Tinkering Lab we expand the range of things possible for kids to do to learn and be creative.

Tinkering Lab can be described in few words as a room with various kinds of materials and some work space in which children can be guided through a range of activities. The instructor facilitates the use of material and leaves the designs to the students to experiment with.

A lot of inspiration for our program comes from people and organizations such as Gever Tulley and Exploratorium. People already involved with tinkering won’t be surprised by this. However, a large part of the world still needs to get awareness about how important the work of these champions is. The first website we ever created for our company, Cognition Now Education, in 2010, had the first blog post about Gever Tully’s TED Talk 2007 on ‘5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do‘.Continue reading

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