What is the meaning of ‘tinkering’?

Please note the dictionary meaning of ‘tinkering’ on the Home Page of Tinkering Lab.

“tinkering”, the most important operative word for effective learning

attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.
“he spent hours tinkering with the car”

To get your attention towards the importance of Tinkering, We’ll throw some hard-hitting statements about it:

  1. Tinkering is the most natural way of learning.
  2. Anybody who never tinkered, never invented or discovered anything. Even Serendipity required some element of tinkering, or you won’t notice the discovery.
  3. Tinkering was as effective a learning tool for making stone implements in the stone age as it was for Wright Brothers for inventing the airplane.
  4. Tinkering was a way to learn even when formal education did not exist.
  5. Formal education has been killing tinkering for a long time. We have now rediscovered the importance of Tinkering in learning.

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